We nurture CX and Sustainable Digital Transformation.

Cocoon is a place for business transformation that aims to create delightful and sustainable Customer Experiences. Our mission is to aid our clients understand their current customer experiences and social impacts, co-create a new vision and make it come true through applied Service Design Strategy and UX Design.

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Cocoon Elements

Transformation has never been easy. People naturally resist change. In the transformation projects with our clients we learned that there are three essential elements for a successful Digital and Sustainable Transformation

  • Cocoon Process An adaptable process to each situation, built upon robust and well tested methodologies. As is with nature, within business transformation first we need to face reality as it is by conducting experience research, and identify stakeholders needs. Then the time comes to let go of the old ways of serving the customer and give way for a new strategic and systemic vision followed by a realistic actionable plan.

    Our focus is to co-design sustainable solutions with high value for the Customer and for the Business.
  • Cocoon Environment A Cocoon is a nurturing and favourable environment for transformation to occur. Cocoon Experience recreates that environment in the context of Business. Customer experience will only change if the organisation changes itself. So we carefully designed every aspect of this environment to involve all business and project stakeholders and make co-creation possible.

    On location, remotely or in exclusive Cocoon settings we have a robust tool set of methods and frameworks we apply, such as Lego® Serious Play and Theory U.
  • Cocoon Talent Cocoon is also the essence from which the new reality emerges. It’s knowledge, experience and wisdom. We are a team of highly experienced digital changemakers with many different backgrounds. That allows us to bring different and enriching perspectives to the projects. It’s the collaboration among great talent that guarantees we identify and solve the right problems.

    As an open and co-creative company, we frequently onboard specialists in Artificial Intelligence, Sustainable Development Goals, Plain Language and Technology Architecture.

Our services

  • Service Design Crucial for organizations, private and public, that aim to improve and bring innovation to their service strategies and customer experiences. We begin by studying the current customer journey and the impact it has on the customer, society, environment and business. We focus on the identified pain points and use the Service Design methodology to collaboratively design the Future Customer Journey and define an implementation strategy. At the end of the project we have a clear vision of what products to build supported by a new sustainable business model and a MVP canvas for each new digital product.
  • UX Design A multidisciplinary approach to improve user satisfaction when using and engaging with a digital service or product. We're liminal thinkers and employ an agile work method. We make use of our knowledge in interaction design, information architecture, visual design, usability, user research and testing to our projects to deliver solid digital products like web and native apps, information and transactional web sites or kiosks. We also make sure to implement the adequate mechanisms to measure the success of our design so we can gain insight and improve the product continuously.
  • Design Thinking and Transformation Facilitation Collaboratively ally business mindsets, human and environmental needs and technological proficiency. We apply creative problem-solving frameworks like Design Thinking and Theory U, in immersive workshops. The goal is to understand the current reality with empathy and give room to a meaningful dialog and co-creative process. We start with a common intent, listen and empathize, define the right problem, ideate through presence, prototype fearlessly, test with real users, implement and learn continuously.


Projects we’ve been working on.

My CUF app design

Client José Mello Saúde

CUF Client Journeys

Client José Mello Saúde

For these projects we were given the challenge to design new customer experiences both for existing and new health tech services that have to cater to many specific needs and technological challenges. It is an ongoing project as there are many possibilities to address.

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  • #healthtech
  • #customerstrategy
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Tranquilidade app design and web based client area

Client Tranquilidade

We have a digital lab working alongside business and technology focused on several initiatives, from their first mobile app, to a web based internal area to applied Design Thinking for the betterment of current and future claim services.

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  • #businessresearch
  • #customerstrategy
  • #servicedesign
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Client EMEL

GIRA Bicicletas de Lisboa

Client EMEL

For the ePark project we simplified the user experience of the parking payment app in Lisbon. As for the GIRA app we conceptualized and designed the white label app that was tested as a pilot and is now in current use in Lisbon, Portugal.

  • #mobility
  • #futureofcities
  • #customerstrategy
  • #servicedesign
  • #ux
  • #ui
Products and Services Catalogue

Client AICEP Portugal Global

For AICEP we’ve been working on the digital transformation of their complex ecossystem of products and services catalogue.

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  • #trade
  • #investment
  • #digitaltransformation
  • #servicedesign
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