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Cocoon is a place for business transformation

Our purpose is to create meaningful and sustainable experiences.

Gira project: Bicycle users
Gira Bicicletas de Lisboa

Business Design, Service Design, UX, UI Design

AdvanceCare project: Phone app
AdvanceCare - Digital Ecosystem

Design Strategy, UX, UI Design

CUF project: Phone app
CUF - Omnichannel Service and My CUF

Service Design, Experience Strategy, UX, UI Design

Santander project: Phone app
Santander One Pay FX - App

UX, UI Design

Tranquilidade project: Phone app
Tranquilidade - App

Service Design, UX, UI Design

Ageas project: Brochure
Ageas Seguros

Service Design, Experience Strategy

AMA - Electronic Notifications

UX, UI Design

LOGO - Digital Service

UX, UI Design

Transtejo Soflusa

Service Design, Experience Strategy
Partnership with Axians

AICEP - Portugal Exporta - MyAICEP

Systemic Design, Service Design, UX, UI Design

CEiiA - Smart City Index

Experience Strategy, UX, UI Design

Português Claro

Business Co-Creation Program

What our clients say

Cocoon's creativity was decisive for the success and progress of our projects. Without their creative vision we would not be able to have achieved a clear and transparent design for our users. What I valued most about Cocoon's work was the fact that they brought a clear Customer vision into the AdvanceCare team, helping us innovate, adapting ideas into the context of our business and the specificities of each project.

Cocoon designed a clear and engaging carbon emissions dashboard that will play a key role in our journey to net zero. The team quickly understood the business needs and showed complete flexibility to adapt the design to our technology platform.

The Theory U immersive workshop facilitated by Cocoon had an essential role in a moment of transformation for our company. It allowed us to have a refreshed individual and shared vision and to co-create a meaningful roadmap for the future.

Cocoon’s work really shines because they are able to find your product strengths and build on top. Way more valuable than just tell you what you are missing. 
Cocoon’s work on the AYR platform really helped us take it to another level. From the graphic design to the overall concept, with Cocoon’s team, we were able to translate our breakthrough ideas on to something that can help the world to take action on such a big thing as climate change.

Working with Cocoon was a very good experience. To create and communicate a concept that represents our services and benefits that we've had for so many years and are so dear to our people was a great challenge. Cocoon promoted very interesting work dynamics to develop the intended work and managed to create a clear and representative concept, exactly as we wanted.
We were also very pleased with the professionalism and speed of the entire process, as well as with the sustainability concerns that they've brought on the project."

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Being part of Cocoon is...

Interning at Cocoon is about having an active role in projects and a voice - however inexperienced - that is heard.

Duarte Ferreira
Cocoon Intern

Learn and grow in a welcoming environment that values ​​my potential.

Ida Sandes
UX Researcher
Sustainable Design

Feels that our work fights against dehumanization and resignation.

Luís Luz
UX / UI Designer
Front-end Web Developer

For a better world

Life Design workshop for better work life balance

Burnout raised drastically due to Covid19. We wanted to do something about it, so we organised this open and free online workshop with its first edition on April 2021.

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Future Banking - Responsible Consumerism

The ideia is to encourage the user to become aware of its financial situation in order to help on the decision of purchasing and self-crediting in real time.

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