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Transformation is usually painful and the fear of change can limit profound innovation.

Also, unconscious transformation can lead to futures that nobody wants or needs, like highly stressed or disengaged employees, disconnected partners and customer apathy, while social, emotional, and environmental impacts are left out of the equation.

Cocoon exists to address the natural fear of the unknown. To stimulate creativity, make the transformation process a systemic one, with meaning, sustainable, and pleasurable for all.

How we make it happen

We believe in three essential elements for a successful business transformation.


A process of transformation with 5 stages. Starts with intention setting and ends with flying.


A comfortable environment set upon co-creation and collaboration principles.


Is the potencial of transformation that blooms when it has the right environment and process.

Cocoon process

In business transformation, as we enter the cocoon, we need to set a common intention and then face reality as it is, by listening to customers, employees and all the stakeholders directly or indirectly affected by the business. Then it’s time to drop old products, services and business models and give way to a new vision of a purposeful and profitable business that delivers sustainable experiences for all.


Set a common intention among key players.


Sense global pain points, pleasure points and root impediments.


Let go of what is and let the new emerge.


Prototype and crystalize the new vision.


Implement, measure and co-evolve a sustainable solution.

Cocoon environment

Cocoon is a nurturing and favourable environment for transformation to occur. We believe that the customer experience will only change if the organisation changes itself. So we carefully design every aspect of this environment to involve all business and project stakeholders to make co-creation possible.

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We are a team of multidisciplinary and highly experienced eco-centered designers, ready to facilitate and lead the full design process, from systemic design to user interface design.