Our mission

Why we design

We work to nurture and extract the best in people, to improve the experience of our clients and their customers, and all who interact with us.

When it all started

Founded in July 2016 and located in sunny Lisbon, Cocoon Experience’s mission is to drive human centered digital transformation into today’s businesses. We have a design-driven culture and we cultivate a collaborative problem solving attitude towards the creation of new solutions. We are a group of unique individuals with the magic ability to improve existing things and to turn ideas into something that you can see, touch and feel.
Cocoon Experience is a consulting agency that aims to make a sustainable impact in digital transformation, we have the consistency of a team with a wide and rare experience in Design Management, Design Thinking and Service Design, given the numerous projects of great size and complexity - whether business, technological or political - in which the various elements of our team have been a part of.
“We feel, therefore, the duty to place our knowledge and experience at the service of those who want to execute a CX Strategy, swiftly and well.”
We know firsthand the hardships of delivering idealized experiences which see great commitment, time and financial effort. We’re also aware that many fail in execution details, others fail to reach the hands of the users, either for technological, legal, or financial viability. Others still for lack of organisational alignment.

Our principles

What we believe in


We believe that a collaborative environment harbors the best conditions for a constructive dialogue and sharing of ideas between people.


We’re humans and often lost in translation. We cherish a conscious communication with transparency that allows for a constructive dialogue and alignment between all.

Systemic Vision

We cultivate a deep and comprehensive systems view, their parts and perspectives, so that pain points are well defined and the results that we arrive at best contribute to a future reality.


We value a healthy mind and a healthy body. Only when there is balance between work life and life life can we become our best selves. We honour this with our team and our clients.


The people who make up our talent are our greatest strength, their knowledge, experience and individuality. That’s why respect for the individual is our beginning and finishing point.

Make it happen attitude

We’re context adaptive. That's why we work side-by-side with our clients and with development teams. More important than designing good experiences it’s making sure that they happen.

Meet the talent

Cocoon Team

Anabela Fernandes

Linkedin Managing Partner
Transformation Facilitator

Sara Felizardo

Linkedin Managing Partner
Experience Design Strategist

Vanessa Silva

Lead Designer

Ricardo Rodrigues

Creative Direction
Human Oriented Design

Luís Luz

UX UI Designer
Front-end Web Developer

Carina Olival

Service Designer

Ida Sandes

UX Researcher and Storyteller

Teresa Félix

Happiness Manager

Alexandre Duarte

Pattern Explorer
Digital Product Designer