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At Cocoon we provide design services and facilitation programs in a creative and collaborative atmosphere, for organisations that wish to deliver digital solutions that are good for people, planet and profit.

Design services

More important than generating good ideas is to make them happen. We do it through co-design.

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Systemic Design

Some problems can only be solved when multiple stakeholders are engaged in finding and providing a solution. We convene citizens and stakeholders to frame the problem, find the root causes, and identify tangible actions to improve it.

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Business Design

We help companies create new digital businesses or transform existent ones through sustainable business design frameworks. We bring everyone around a common purpose and deliver a new vision and a concrete business model to fulfil that purpose.

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Service Design

We apply Service Design to improve the overall customer or employee experience while rising consciousness around sustainable habits. We cover the entire relationship lifecycle with the company, conducting the Cocoon Process from user research to the co-design of the future journey and implementation roadmap.

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UX Research

UX Research is part of all our projects but you can have this service separately if you just want to know what kind of experience you are delivering to your users, customers, partners or employees, and get specific recommendations on how to improve it.

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UX / UI Design

After the main ideas are established around a digital service or product, we start to give them form by prototyping and testing them with real users. This process is very collaborative and agile, involving business stakeholders, users and development teams.

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Digital Product Design

Designing in a continuous cycle of user experience improvement, and sustainable goals achievement, starting with the release of the first MVP and creating a robust Design System. We do it side by side with product owners, stakeholders and IT teams in any Agile framework.

Facilitation programs

In facilitation programs you do all the creative work and leave the rest to us. We facilitate and organize everything from invitations, to agenda and logistics, to prepare the perfect environment for your problem-solving event.

These programs can be held remotely or in person and are tailored to your specific needs.

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Facilitation for Team Collaboration

If you need your team or stakeholders to come closer then ever around a challenge that might seem very difficult to solve, we'll facilitate and organize an unforgettable experience. In this type of facilitation we use Design Thinking, Lego Serious Play or Disney's Strategy.

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Facilitation for Team co-Creation

Co-creation is different from collaboration. Everyone involved must be deeply connected and in a creative mode also known as "flow state". Our facilitation involves Social Presencing Theater and other Theory U methods and Tools.

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Life Design Program for work/life balance

A two day program where your team can learn how to design their own lives in order to achieve a better work/life balance. Parents will also have a special session with a family & kids coach.